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so, the other night i had this wicked ass pornographic dream about these 5 young men...
i worked the camera while the boys worked other things...
that's kinda gross, but hey, a girl can fantasize can't she?

okay, that whole thing was a lie, but this thing was overdue for an entry.

Guilt Like Gravity Is Sweet...

hey my name's Ryan and im from Warren, Michigan (a city outside of Detroit). u guys are effing sweet. one of my band members searched u guys up on purevolume a while back and showed me your music. anyways i just wanted to say im a fan of Guilt Like Gravity, keep up playing the awesome music u make.

by the way play lead guitar in a local band myself from Roseville, MI not too far from Detroit called Saving Tomorrow a hardcore screamo band. check out our Purevolume site http://www.purevolume.com/SavingTomorrow
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i think i know quite a few people who are counting down the days til this weekend. hehe.. see you guys very very soon! <33 be safe and most importantly, have fun! ;)
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fucking pandas....


  I'm a chick from Croswell that went to the show Last night. I loved it.  Guilt Like Gravity and Wings of Azrial were freakin awesome.  They made me happy inside and had gorgeous sets. I figured I'd show you some pics I took.  sorry for the one I didn't flip. wasn't thinking. durf.


GLG pics.Collapse )

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